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Traveling lighter and staying unplugged while remain connected…

—for many more hours than others notebook.

Twinmate T30

An utra mobile notebook, equipped with energy efficient 13.3″ LED screen and Intel SU4100 & 2mb Cache. It is ready with option of internal High Speed 3.5G broadband module (HSPA) that provide the ultimate mobile connectivity. Its slim, light and elegent design makes it is the perfect choice among traveling executives and mobile students that demand energy efficiency for longer battery time and proven reliability for traveling lighter, staying unplugged yet remain connected for more hours than others.

Larger & brighter 11.1″ LED Screen with longer battery hours…

Twinmate X11

With up to 7.2Mbps internet connection, Twinmate X11 offers the unparallel efficiency and mobile that today executives demand. Its energy efficient 11.1″ LED screen in a light weight body and high capacity 6-cell battery deliver longer operating hours for uninterrupted convenience. 1.2kg with 6-Cell Li-Ion Battery (Extra long battery hour, up to 6 hours)


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