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Kampua, that’s my favourite food. If you’re from Sibu or Sarikei, this is a delicacy not to be missed.  Every time I’m back to my hometown, I’ll never miss to have kampua as my breakfast. The original kampua come with ‘char siu’ (in cantonese) mean roasted pork. If you don’t like the ‘char siu’, then you may ask to replace with ‘wan tan’ (in cantonese). The price of a bowl of kampua is currently at RM2.2o. In the heydays, it is only RM1.20. Hmm……that’s inflation.

Besides the normal kampua, you can have some extras like pork liver soup which is also yummylicious. My wife can have bowls of this and not be bored by it.

So, to my beloved readers out there, do take the opportunity to try out this delicacy if you happen to find it. You’ll definitely not regret it. Yum Yum………got to take some snack now….I’m hungry just by writing this post. Haha..


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