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I guess most of the people don’t even know this species of ‘wild’ durian. If you are durian lover, then you should not miss this. This wild durian is a seasonal fruit during the Jan and Feb. So, during this CNY, I grab my chance to buy some of this king of fruits!

This is usually sold at the pasar tani where the Ibans sold them in a pile of 4 or 5 pieces at RM10/pile. I bought 2 piles for my whole family to savor. The durians are also smaller than the normal durians. 1 durian is about the sizeĀ  of our palm, but rest assured, there are still quite a lot of flesh in it. The taste of this durian is a little different than the normal durians we had. The flesh is more thick and not so watery. The smell is also not as aromatic or pungent for some people. Therefore, even if you’re not a durian lover, you should try it out. As this is wild durians, we can gurantee it does not contain any chemical fertilizer to make the durians thicker or sweeter. This is the real thing. So, if you ever saw one of these anywhere, be sure to grab one and taste it. You will not regret it. This is indeed the “king of fruits”


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